The internet has grown exponentially in recent years and offers worldwide access to both commercial business and private users. Unfortunately it is also troubled with missuse by spammers who have plagued the internet at an alarming rate.

The team at Web Solutions Wizard are proud of our efforts to promote responsible internet commerce. Those Web Solutions Wizard clients who use their service for the purpose of spamming with have their accounts disabled immediatley. The term spam, refers to but is not limited to the sending of unsolicted email or sending communications to large groups that have not signed up to receive such communications.

Acceptable Communications

Mass communications to your clients is permited providing you follow the industry standard guidlines for such communications including the following requirements.

*Subscribers to your email list must specifically opt-in to the list that they have subscribed to.

*Opt in confirmation must be obtained via an email sent to the subscribers email address.

*The opt-in email must contain a link to your website’s privacy policy and a breif description of the purpose of the mail list. The opt-in form must also contain a link to the URL where the user will navigate to confirm their subscription.

Mail lists cannot be procured from any third party nor can users self populate lists unless the new list is consistent with the policy and purpose of the original list that subsribers had originally agreed to receive.

Disabling Accounts

Web Solutions Wizard reserves the right to disable any users account when said account is in violation of our Anti-Spam policy.