If you have a blog with a WordPress Video Post that looks good, and you want to copy the format to create a new post with the same layout; follow these easy steps to replicated the layout.

Step 1:

From your WordPress Dashboard select “Posts” / “All Posts” and locate the post you want to replicate and select “Edit”

Step 2:

Select the “Text Editor Tab” to view the HTML code. Highlight the entire code, right click to copy the entire code to your clipboard. If your cursor is in the text editing area you use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+A” to select all.

Step 3:

Select “Add New”

Step 4:

In the text editor of your new post or page, right click your mouse to paste the HTML code from your clipboard.

Step 5:

Replace any text content with the new text content for the new page.

Step 6:

Replace the video number for your Youtube or Vimeo video. You only need to replace the actual number of the video itself. If you leave the remainder of the video link in tact, it will display in the same size and format as the previous post or page.

Step 7:

If you are using the column shortcodes plugin, you can adjust the padding of the text cells to suit your new text. For instance if the new post has fewer words you may need to add padding to the top of the cell to help center the text to make it more visually appealing.

Step 8:

Select “Publish” to save your work.

Step 9:

Select “View Post” or “View Page” to display the page or post so you can review your work.

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