If you have a WordPress Page dedicated to Youtube videos you may want to copy the existing formats as you add new content and embed Youtube videos into your pages. The following step by step instructions and video will demonstrate how to insert additional Youtube videos into the WordPress page and maintain the page formats.

Step 1:

From your WordPress Dashboard select “Pages” / “All Pages”

Step 2:

Locate the page you want to update and select “Edit”

Step 3:

Select the “Text” tab then Highlight the code for the area of the page you want to replicate and “Right Click” / “Copy”

Step 4:

The highlighted area MUST begin at the “div class…” code for the section you want to copy. The highlighted area MUST also include, and end with, the final “/div” code for the area you want to copy.

Step 5:

Insert the code where you want your new videos to appear. Be careful to place the code after the previous “/div” and prior to any following “div class” code

Step 6:

Login to Youtube, find the video you want to upload, and select “Share”

Step 7:

Select “Embed”

Step 8:

Highlight the Youtube Embed Code and “Right Click” / Copy”

Step 9:

Remove the code for the previous video and paste your new Youtube Embed Code in place of the previous code

Step 10:

Remove any text associated with the old video and replace it with the new text description of the new video.

Step 11:

Select “Update” to save your changes

Step 12:

Select “View Page” to check your work