The WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is a powerful tool that can help you optimize your WordPress Posts and Pages. Follow the step by step instructions on the video to configure your Keywords and Meta Descriptions for optimal SEO value. This is by far the most powerful and easy to use WordPress SEO Plugin.

Step 1:

From your WordPress Dashboard select “Pages” / “All Pages”

Step 2:

Locate the page you want to update and select “Edit”

Step 3:

Enter your Focus Keyword. Choose a word that best describes what visitors to your website would be searching for.

Step 4:

Note that when you enter your Focus Keyword the WordPress Plugin by Yoast will confirm if the Focus Keyword actually appears on the page or post. For the best SEO results choose a Focus Keyword or Keyword Phrase that appears in all locations: Article Heading, Page Title, Page URL, Content, and Meta Description.

Step 5:

Enter an SEO Title for the page or post. Choose a title that represents the content of the post.

Step 6:

Enter a Meta Description for the page or post. This should be a brief summary of the main topic of the page content.

Step 7:

The Snippet Preview displays the SEO information that you have just entered. This is how your page or post will appear in search engine results.

Step 8:

Select “Update” to save your changes

Step 9:

Repeat the process for all pages and all posts by adding a Focus Keyword, SEO Title, and Meta Descriptions. The WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast will guide you every step of the way.