The use of WordPress plugins can take an otherwise basic website and convert it to Dynamic and Powerful resource for your visitors. This Video will show you the basics of how to install WordPress plugins and configure them properly for your website.

Step 1:

From your WordPress Dashboard, select “Plugins” / “Add New”

Step 2:

Type the name of the plugin you are looking for, into the search box. Select “Search Plugins”

Step 3:

From the list of search results, locate the plugin that most closely resembles the topic in your search criteria and select “Details”

Step 4:

Review the details of the Plugin to be sure it includes the features you are looking for. Before you install WordPress Plugins you need to confirm that it is compatible with your version of WordPress. Avoid plugins that are not up-to-date as they are likely no longer supported by the developer and will most likely cause conflicts with your WordPress installation.

Step 5:

Select “Activate Plugin”

Step 6:

Some plugins may require additional setup including email settings etc. In this case navigate to the plugin settings. The plugin may be listed on the dashboard, or in some cases you will navigate to “Plugins” / “Installed Plugins” and select your plugin from the list.

In the example in the video, for the “Google Analytics” plugin, the plugin is found on the settings list.

Step 7:

After you update the plugin settings with your personal information and formats select “Save Changes”