After toiling for hours building your new wordpress site, the last thing you want is to loose everything due to server crashing or a hacker intrusion. The BackupWordpress Plugin is a simple, easy-to-use solution for backing up your entire site on your personal computer or a removable disc. If your WordPress installation is less than 10MG, BackupWordpress will email a copy to the email address you select, otherwise you will receive a notification email to prompt you to download the backup file.

Step 1:

From your WordPress Dashboard select “Plugins” / “Add New”


Type in the search box “BackupWordpress.” Click on the “Search Plugins” button.

Step 3

Locate the “Backup”Wordpress” plugin on the list, and select “Install Now”

Step 4

Select “Activate Plugin”

Step 5:

From the “Installed Plugins List” locate the “BackupWordpress” plugin and select “Backups.”

Step 6:

Select “Settings.”

Step 7:

From the settings panel, input the various settings for the plugin. Select “Both Database & Files” to save your WordPress site in its entirety.

Step 8:

Select the frequency of your backups. Once weekly should be adequate unless you upload a large amount of content on a daily basis. In this case choose the daily backup option.

Step 9:

Select the number of backups to store on your server. Be careful not to exceed the capacity of your server.

Step: 10

Enter your email address. This is the email that will receive notifications of your backups. If the backup file is less than 10MB the system will email the entire file to you.

Step 11:

Select “Update”

Step 12:

You can also save a copy of your WordPress installation manually. Select “Run Now”

Step 13:

Select “download” to keep a copy of your WordPress Website on your personal computer.

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